Suhasini Villa

Suhasini Villa is situated in the heart of green city "Chaul"

We are here to serve you silence, calm, feeling of deep peace with 5 luxurious guestrooms and suits have been individually designed and decorated to an exceptional modern comfort in royal style


Suhasini villa is a Modern Beach House planted in rustic, village surroundings - Perfect for a Getaway Holiday. An abundance of trees around the house and clusters of plants bordering the compound wall create a Hideaway Ambience.


Suhasini villa  is a contemporary villa and as such the Bedrooms have all the necessary trappings of a modern house: En-suite Bathrooms, Geysers, Bathtubs, Air-Conditioners, Satellite TVs, Ceiling Fans, 24 hours water and a Back-up Electrical System ensures an Uninterrupted Holiday. Central and Convenient Location, Attractive and Cozy Interiors, Unbelievable and Abundant Amenities, at no extra cost, make this Villa a perfect and Chore-Free Holiday Stay


Come enjoy the hospitality of this Fully Furnished and Fully Serviced, elegantly simple and attractive Private Accommodation.